PV Series Plastic Injection Molding Machines


  • Automation Grade : Automatic Microprocess Controlled
  • Raw Material : PVC-PC-Nylon-PE-PP-PS
  • Clamping Force : 30 to 60 Ton
  • Machine Type : PV series Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  • Machine Structure : Horizontal Locking & Vertical Injection Moulding Machine
  • Industrial Locking Injection Molding Machine specially designed for mass production of smaller components with Multi cavities mold and operator less fully automatic manufacturing operations. Machine with Microprocessor and proportional Flow/Pressure Hydraulics to ensure repeatability consistency and high production rate with negligible rejections. Available in sizes PV 30-PV 40 and PV 60 model with Shot capacity of 60 gms to 150 gms.It requires very less floor space with minimum of connected Load makes ideal choice for Factories in Metro cities. All types of materials with Glass filled varieties can be molded on this machine